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Jessie's claims [May. 26th, 2005|03:23 pm]
Apocalypse Nowish Claims


I snagged these off rpg_claims, Jess, cuz I know Eric will forget about them unless they're here. *L*

singtodarkness claims 'The Fanged Six' of now_ish who includes undead_handsome, fivebyfiverogue, big_pile_o_dust, hello__lover, have_an_apple (Kiefer Sutherland -- The Lost Boys style), and singtodarkness.

clumsy_safi claims cursedhero for cutesy angsty love. ;_; <3

clumsy_safi claims railroadspike for hilarity love. <3

(Lemme know if I got them all, some of the ones you claimed before are from games or ships that no longer exist *L* And add others that you need/want to claim that you didn't before!!!!)