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Apocalypse Nowish RPG Claims

Apocalypse Nowish Claims
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Claim anything! Angel's soul? Fangelus? The moment when Fred, Gwen, and Kate made the sun come back? Anything Nowish is up for claiming! Anyone can join; I'll update when I can, and banners will also be made!

Plus, membership is open, so anyone who reads Nowish and wants to get in on the fun can do so by joining! (But if you leave, your claim is up for grabs!!)

Claims Taken


Buffy is owned by undead_handsome & dark_wesley
Dead Potentials are owned by big_pile_o_dust
The First is owned by helene_belmonte
Wesley is owned by wiccabuffy
Fred is owned by not_the_shell, dark_wesley, and morethanmuscle
Faith is owned by undead_handsome
Drusilla is owned by big_pile_o_dust
Gwen is owned by shang_da
Harmony is owned by shang_da (sort of)
Lilah is owned by undead_handsome
Willow is owned by chosenpotential
Anya is owned by xander_lavelle
Shang-Da is owned by xander_lavelle
The Scoobies are owned by wiccabuffy, wishingwillow, & xander_lavelle
Kennedy is owned by wishingwillow
Tara is owned by wishingwillow
Xander is owned by wishingwillow


Wuffy is owned by wishingwillow
Kellow is owned by chosenpotential
Spike/Angelus is owned by natesaunders
Billow is owned by wishingwillow & wiccabuffy - (ship currently inactive *L*)


Wuffy Drunken Sex is owned by wiccabuffy
Fred/Gunn Make-Up in the Garden is owned by _fredless
All Songfic posts are owned by _fredless
The Gunn/Anya drunk thread is owned by morethanmuscle


Bubble Gum is owned by gypsy_lisette
Kennedy's backpockets are owned by wishingwillow
Spare Pants are owned by shang_da
Shang-Da's Biker Shorts are owned by dis_harmony
Wesley's leftover turtlenecks are owned by dark_wesley
Buffy's "Granny Panties" are owned by dark_wesley
Willow's DVD of "Moulin Rouge" is owned by chosenpotential
The Pimp Juice from lornes_pimp_pad is owned by dark_wesley


Every place Faith/Angelus had sex is owned by undead_handsome
The Storyline is owned by _the_first_
Helmet Hair for all characters is owned by _truth_seeker
Buffy's middle name is owned by canibeanne

Non-Nowish Claims

wishingwillow is owned by not_the_shell & dark_wesley

wesleys_slayer is owned by dark_wesley

not_the_shell is owned by dark_wesley, roguenomore, & wishingwillow

big_pile_o_dust is owned by undead_handsome & roguenomore

undead_handsome is owned by wiccabuffy, fivebyfiverogue, & roguenomore

dark_wesley is owned by not_the_shell, wesleys_slayer, whendawncomes, & wishingwillow

whendawncomes is owned by dark_wesley

_wishingwillow_ is owned by chosenpotential

harlot_colored is owned by wiccabuffy

wiccabuffy is owned by harlot_colored